1. Mental and Mental Handicap Hospitals are shown with catchment areas.

2. Against the name of each doctor on the list details are given, where appropriate, of the type of psychiatry in which he/she specialises or has special experience, in accordance with the code shown below:-

GEN - work principally in general psychiatry

MHcp - special experience in mental handicap

CH - special experience in child and adolescent psychiatry

3. Any questions arising out of subsequent changes in personnel should be addressed to the appropriate Health Board in the first instance.




















Medical Staff Attached to Hospitals

Argyll & Bute Hospital, Lochgilphead

Corrigan F M Consultant (GEN)

Coulter, Fiona Consultant (GEN)

Fergusson G Staff Grade Psychiatrist (GEN)

Gaskell D Consultant (GEN)

Levi M I Consultant (GEN)

Mackay A V P Consultant (GEN)

McCulloch J A T Consultant (GEN)

Sandler R Consultant Psychiatrist (Locum)

Thompson P Consultant Psychiatrist


Al-Mousawi M Consultant Psychiatrist (GEN) Helensburgh

Antebi R Consultant (GEN) Alexandria/Dumbarton

Boyadjiev S Consultant (GEN) Dumbarton

Corrigan F Consultant (GEN) Lochgilphead

Coulter F Consultant Psycho Geriatrics Alexandria

Duthie J Staff Grade (Child & Adolescent) Alexandria

Edwards P Consultant (GEN) Helensburgh

Fergusson G Staff Grade (GEN) Lochgilphead

Finlayson J Consultant (GEN) Alexandria

Flett F SpR (Child & Adolescent) Alexandria

Kennedy E SpR (Child & Adolescent) Alexandria

McClure I Consultant (Child & Adolescent) Alexandria

MacIver I Consultant (GEN) Dumbarton

MacKay A V P Consultant (GEN) Lochgilphead

Sandler R Consultant (Locum) Lochgilphead

Schofield C Locum Consultant Dumbarton


Sweeney Leonie Consultant Psychiatrist

Thompson P Consultant (GEN) Lochgilphead

Towlson K Consultant (Child & Adolescent) Alexandria



Dykebar Hospital, Paisley

Anderson H Consultant Psychiatrist (GEN)

Berry F Locum Consultant (GEN)

Bonham D Consultant Psychiatrist

Brown S Consultant Psychiatrist

Cameron M Specialist Registrar (General Adult Psychiatry)

Campbell I Consultant Psychiatrist

Dingwall J M Consultant Psychiatrist (GEN)

East Sarah K Specialist Registrar (GEN)

Gallagher J Consultant Psychotherapist

Gray R Consultant (Geriatric Psychiatry)

King G Staff Grade Psychiatrist

McDonald G Consultant Psychiatrist

McMahon C Consultant (Drug & Alcohol)

Matson I Consultant (GEN)

Thomson J Consultant Psychiatrist

Young S Consultant

Community Mental Health Team, Paisley

McWilliam L Staff Grade




Hawkhead Hospital, Paisley


Leighton K Consultant (C&F Unit, I.R.H)

Macdonald-Spiers Consultant

Vettraino M Consultant (Child & Family Psychiatry)

Panda Centre (Paediatrics, Hawkhead Hospital)

Cheriyan E Clinical Co-ordinator/Consultant

Ferguson A Consultant Community Paediatrician

Greenock Health Centre, 2 Duncan Street, Greenock

Lapsley A A MHcp Senior Clinical Medical Officer

Shepherd C Consultant Community Paediatrician

Child & Family, Larkfield

Leighton K Consultant


Hartfield Clinic, Dumbarton

Al-Mousawi M Consultant

Clarke I Consultant Psychiatrist

Coulter Fiona Consultant (GEN/Psychogeriatrics)

Foster N A Staff Grade Psychiatrist

Levi M I Consultant Psychiatrist

MacIver I Consultant Psychiatrist

Merchiston Hospital (Learning Disabilities)

Graham A Consultant

Jones A Consultant

McCue E Consultant

Muir J Consultant

Miller S Consultant

Caldwell A Specialist Registrar

Smiley G Specialist Registrar

Ravenscraig Hospital, Greenock

Chandrasekhar T V K Consultant

Deering A Consultant

Groves S J Consultant

Hillman A Consultant

Hughes A Consultant & Clinical Co-ordinator

Khan A Specialist Registrar

Sykes R A D Consultant

Walker N Consultant

R.A.H. Ward 39, Geriatric Psychiatry Consultants

Gray R Consultant

Livingston H Consultant

Philips K Consultant

Smith M Consultant


Ailsa Hospital, Ayr; Crosshouse Hospital, Kilmarnock; Ayrshire Central Hospital, Irvine; Strathlea Resource Centre, Kilmarnock; Arrol Park Resource Centre, Ayr

Aryiku C A Consultant (GEN MHcp)

Barber J Consultant (Old Age)

Bennie E Consultant Psychiatrist (Forensic)

Berry I Consultant Psychiatrist (Psychiatry of Old Age)

Butler J Consultant (Child & Family Psychiatry)

Creaney W Consultant (GEN/Old Age)

David M C (CH) Consultant

De May R Consultant Psychiatrist (Psychiatry of Old Age)

El-Kyayat R Locum Consultant Psychiatrist

El-Wahab M Locum Consultant Psychiatrist

Flowerdew J A Consultant (GEN)

Gallagher D Consultant (Old Age)

Hai Q Locum Consultant Psychiatrist

Henderson M H Consultant Psychiatrist (General Adult Psychiatry)

Hodelet Nicola Consultant Psychiatrist (Forensic Psychiatry)

Jaigirdar S Locum Consultant

Johnston T Consultant Psychiatrist

Kerr Eleanor Consultant (Adolescent Psychiatry)

Lind C A R Consultant (GEN)

Lock Toni Locum Consultant (GEN)

Martin Barbara Consultant (GEN)

Martin J C Consultant (GEN/MHcp)

McNulty S Consultant Psychiatrist (Psychiatry of Old Age)

Neihaus D J H Locum Consultant Psychiatrist

O’Grady M Consultant – with special responsibility

for liaison psychiatry

Paterson F Staff Grade (Old Age)

Renfrew D Consultant (Child & Family Psychiatry)

Sipple M A Locum Consultant Psychiatrist

Sirisena L A P Consultant Psychiatrist

Stewart J Consultant (GEN)

Stirling J Consultant (GEN)

Sowerbutts K Consultant (Gen)

Swanson I Associate Specialist (GEN)


Medical Staff Attached to Hospitals

Huntlyburn House, Melrose (Counties of Roxburghshire, Berwickshire, Selkirkshire, and Peeblesshire)

Humphries C Consultant (GEN)

Low B Consultant (GEN/MHcp)

Morris P D Consultant (Old Age)

Pullen I Consultant Psychiatrist

Sharp C W Consultant Psychiatrist

Yellowlees G Consultant Psychiatrist

Associate Specialists

Dr Ingrid Swan

Child Health Directorate, Andrew Lang Unit, Selkirk

Davies S R Consultant (Child Psychiatry)

Glen S Consultant (Child Psychiatry)

Borders General Hospital, Melrose

Daniels E D Consultant Paediatrician (MHcp)

Duncan A Consultant Paediatrician (MHcp)

Margerison A C F Consultant Paediatrician (MHcp)

Stephen J Consultant Paediatrician (MHcp)


Grierson House, The Crichton, Dumfries

Cox D Director of Public Health

Breen D Consultant in Public Health Medicine


Medical Staff with Sections 20 & 39 Approval Mental Health (Scotland) Act 1984


Graham J Consultant General Adult Psychiatry

Hall D Consultant General Adult Psychiatry

Halliday J Specialist Registrar Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

Leuvennink J Consultant General Adult Psychiatry

Mackie J Consultant General Adult Psychiatry

Morrison G Consultant Old Age Psychiatry

Macdonald S Specialist Registrar General Adult Psychiatry

McCreadie Professor R Consultant General Adult Psychiatry

McFadyen A Consultant Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

Powell E Consultant Learning Disability

Slinn R Consultant Old Age Psychiatry

Waterhouse J Consultant General Adult Psychiatry

Wood E Consultant Old Age Psychiatry

Community Medicine

Irving M Consultant GEN/MHcp



Medical Staff Attached to Hospitals

Stratheden Hospital, Cupar

Baldacchino A M Consultant in Addiction Psychiatry

Carey S General Adult Psychiatry

Garcia S Staff Psychiatrist

Neilson D Consultant (GEN)

Stevenson G Consultant (Old Age Psychiatry)

Winslow G S Consultant (GEN)

Department of Child and Family Psychiatry, Playfield House, Cupar

Davidson V Consultant (CH)

Dunne W M Associate Specialist (CH)

Sime R Consultant (CH)

Taylor D S Consultant (CH)

Lynebank Hospital, Dunfermline

Bell M Fiona J Consultant (MHcp and CH)

King K Consultant (Learning Disabilities)

Logan R Consultant in Learning Disability

Rodgers F Associate Specialist in Learning Disability

Queen Margaret Hospital, Dunfermline

Anderson K M Consultant (Old Age Psychiatry)

Beveridge A Consultant (GEN)

Cavanagh P Consultant (GEN)

Edwards P Consultant (GEN)

Previtera Marissa Locum Consultant Psychiatrist

Smith M Associate Specialist (GEN)

Thomas I G Consultant (GEN)

West A Consultant (GEN)

Rowan House, Kirkcaldy

Craddock D Locum Consultant (Old Age Psychiatry)

Glen T Locum Consultant Psychiatrist

Whyteman's Brae Hospital, Kirkcaldy

Asekun O Locum Consultant (Old Age Psychiatry)

Clark S Consultant (Old Age Psychiatry)

Curran J Consultant (Old Age Psychiatry)

Dickson W Consultant (GEN) (also works at Stratheden Hospital)

Falzon M Consultant Psychiatrist (GEN)

Galloway J S Associate Specialist in Psychiatry (GEN)

Murphy J Consultant (GEN)

Reid D Consultant (GEN)

Roll M Consultant (Old Age Psychiatry)

Stewart M E Consultant (GEN)


Learning Disability Services

McVicker R Consultant Psychiatrist

Suresh T Staff Grade (MHcP)

General Adult Psychiatric Services

Brown K Consultant (GEN)

Clafferty Robert Consultant (GEN)

Collins I Consultant (GEN)

Crawford C Consultant (GEN)

Dodds G Consultant (GEN)

Gopinathan V Associate Specialist (GEN)

Gotz Michael Consultant (GEN)

Kidd B Consultant (GEN)

King Keren Consultant (GEN)

McCabe Elaine Staff Grade (GEN)

MacFlynn G Consultant (GEN)

Massey Jane Staff Grade (GEN)

Mitchell K Specialist Registrar

Morrison R Consultant (GEN)

Morton Mary Consultant (GEN)

Nelson Debbie Locum Consultant (GEN)

Prabhu M R Consultant (GEN)

Ullyatt Kim Consultant (GEN)

Webster Jennifer Consultant (GEN)



Old Age Psychiatric Services

Coles R J Consultant (GEN)

Gordon P Locum Consultant (GEN)

McLean Gillian Consultant (GEN)

Wolff Linda Consultant (GEN)

Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Services

Hosking A Consultant (CH)

Greenshaw C Consultant (CH)


Medical Staff Attached to Hospitals

Royal Cornhill Hospital, Aberdeen

Acevedo M Specialist Registrar (Child & Adolescent Psychiatry)

Alexander E Locum Consultant in Old Age Psychiatry

Arnold R Specialist Registrar (Old Age Psychiatry)

Athawes R Consultant (OAP)

Badial R Specialist Registrar (GEN)

Barton S Specialist Registrar in Old Age Psychiatry

Basu M Consultant Forensic/General Adult Psychiatry

Billcliff N Specialist Registrar (Forensic)

Boyd J Consultant Forensic Psychiatry

Bremner Margaret Consultant Forensic Psychiatry

Burke T Locum Consultant in General Adult Psychiatry

Calder Sheila A Consultant (GEN)

Callender J S Consultant (GEN)

Crockett P S Specialist Registrar (GEN)

(Adult Psychiatry)

Davidson B M Specialist Registrar (GEN)

Eagles J M Consultant (GEN)

Eagles Janette Staff Grade Psychiatrist

Easton E Specialist Registrar (GEN)

Emslie Linda M Consultant (GEN)

Foster N Specialist Registrar (GEN)

Fowlie D G Consultant (GEN)

Gilchrist A Consultant Adolescent Psychiatry

Gilfillan S Consultant (GEN)(REHAB)

Goldbeck R Consultant (Liaison Psychiatry)

Gordon P Specialist Registrar (Old Age Psychiatry)

Haddow A M Specialist Registrar in Old Age Psychiatry

Hamilton R Consultant (GEN)

Hull A Locum Consultant in Psychiatry

Jurgens J D Specialist Registrar in Old Age Psychiatry

Larmour P Consultant Forensic Psychiatry

Lenihan Fionnbar Senior Registrar in Forensic Psychiatry

Le Poidevin D Consultant (GEN) (Psychotherapy)

Lolley Jane Consultant (GEN)

McCrone Lesley A Consultant (GEN)

MacEwan T H Consultant (Old Age Psychiatry)

MacIlwain I F Consultant (GEN) (Psychotherapy)

Millar H R Consultant (GEN)

Morrison F Specialist Registrar (GEN)

Muir M S Consultant (GEN)

Murdoch Jane Margaret Honorary Specialist Registrar (Old Age Psychiatry)

Nicoll K Specialist Registrar (Gen Adult Psychiatry)

Oswald A G Consultant (GEN)

Palin A N Consultant (GEN)

Pretorius W M Senior Registrar (GEN)

Rasalam Adelene Specialist Registrar (Child & Adolescent Psychiatry)

Reid I C Hon Consultant (GEN)

Robertson Carol Consultant (General Adult)

Robinson A D T Consultant (Substance Misuse)

St Clair D Honorary Consultant (GEN)

Sclare P D Consultant (GEN)

Starr Katie Locum Consultant in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Stickle C Staff Grade

Tracy D Consultant (Rehab)

Treliving, Linda Rose Locum Consultant in Psychotherapy

Trotter P M Consultant (GEN)

Walker S Senior Registrar (GEN)

Warrington J Consultant (Old Age) Psychiatry

Whalley L J (Professor) Honorary Consultant (GEN)

Willox Elizabeth Specialist Registrar

Wilson Gillian E Consultant (ADOL)

Wischik C (Professor) Honorary Consultant in Old Age Psychiatry

Dr Gray’s Hospital, Elgin, Morayshire

Barlee Rosemary Consultant Psychiatrist (General Adult Psychiatry)

Bonnyman Sheena Locum Consultant in Old Age Psychiatry

Doherty M Consultant Psychiatrist (GEN)

Gunasingam V Locum Consultant in General Adult Psychiatry

Hart C Consultant in Child and Family Psychiatry

Hodges A Consultant Psychiatrist (GEN) and Learning Disabilities

Jones G S Consultant in General Adult Psychiatry

Todd J O Consultant (GEN)

Wilson J D Locum Consultant (Old Age Psychiatry)

Wood K Consultant (GEN)(Old Age)



Ladysbridge Hospital, Banff (Grampian Area, Orkney and Shetland)

Drummond R D Consultant (MHcp/GEN)

Oliver J Consultant (MH)

McKay Kathleen Consultant (MHcp)

Royal Aberdeen Children's Hospital (Grampian, Orkney and Shetland)

Acevedo M Specialist Registrar (Child & Adolescent Psychiatry)

Chisholm D D Consultant (CH)

Gilmour Carol Anne Consultant (Child & Adolescent Psychiatry)

Rasalam Adelene Specialist Registrar (Child & Adolescent Psychiatry)

Robinson J Consultant (CH)

Williams J Consultant (CH)

Woodlands/Wellwood Hospital, Cults (Children - Grampian Area, Orkney and Shetland)

Drummond R D Locum Consultant Psychiatrist (LD)

Mackay K Consultant (MHcp/GEN)

Oliver J Consultant (MHcp)

City Hospital, Aberdeen (Southern Aberdeen City)

(Psychogeriatric Ward)

Shanks M Consultant (GEN)

Maud Hospital, Maud (Banff/Buchan District)

(Psychogeriatric Ward)

Fowlie D G Consultant (GEN)

Ugie Hospital, Peterhead (Banff/Buchan District)

(Psychogeriatric Ward)

Fowlie D G Consultant (GEN)

Muirton, Seafield Hospital, Banff (Buckie Banffshire)

(Psychogeriatric Ward)

Wood K Consultant (GEN)



The Rowan Centre, Elgin

Johnston Maureen Locum Consultant in Psychiatry







Gartnavel Royal Hospital



Abeln Esther SpR Old Age Psychiatry

Blower A SpR (Honorary) Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

Bouch C J K Consultant Adult Psychiatry

Brown David Consultant Adult Psychiatry

Brown Tom Consultant General Psychiatry

Cameron M SpR Old General Psychiatry

Campbell J Consultant in Learning Disability Psychiatry (Retired)

Cantwell R Consultant Adult Psychiatry

Connelly Moira Consultant Adult Psychiatry

Cooper S A Chair of Learning Disabilities

Dougall Helen Associate Specialist Old Age Psychiatry

Easton Euan Consultant General Psychiatry

Forrester P SpR Old Age Psychiatry

Hunter R Consultant Adult Psychiatry

Kemp M Consultant Adult Psychiatry

Lewis J SpR Old General Psychiatry

Lim Kim Staff Grade

Lyons D Consultant Old Age Psychiatry

Manning Winifred SpR Old Age Psychiatry

McCabe R J Consultant General Psychiatry

Neilson Ewan SpR Old Age Psychiatry

Nightingale Anne Consultant Psychotherapist

Reid Jean Consultant Old Age Psychiatry

Simpson N Consultant in Learning Disability Psychiatry

Smith I S Consultant Adult Psychiatry

Steele Lynne SpR Old General Psychiatry

Thrower Michelle Consultant Adolescent Psychiatry

Woods J Consultant Old Age Psychiatry



Adolescent Unit, Gartnavel Royal Hospital

Gardiner Heather M Consultant Adolescent Psychiatry

Murray Valerie Consultant Adolescent Psychiatry

Pickett J Consultant Adolescent Psychiatry




Department of Psychological Medicine, Gartnavel Royal Hospital

Cavanagh J T O Honorary SpR General Psychiatry

Cooper S A Chair of Learning Disabilities

Williams Chris Consultant (Honorary) General Psychiatry


Leverndale Hospital

Alfred S Associate Specialist

Cheyne Alison Consultant Adult Psychiatry

Crean J Consultant Adult Psychiatry

Flanigan Ciara Consultant Addiction Psychiatry

Hughson Mark V Consultant Adult Psychiatry

Kelly Ciara Consultant Adult Psychiatry

Shaw-Dunn G Consultant Old Age Psychiatry

Summers J Consultant Adult Psychiatry

Whyte Sue Consultant Adult Psychiatry



Parkhead Hospital

Anderson J Consultant General Psychiatry

Benes M Staff Grade Psychiatrist

Bennie Peter Consultant General Psychiatry

Brodie D Consultant General Psychiatry

Cohen M Consultant (Psychotherapy)

Flanigan P Consultant Old Age Psychiatry

Jauhar P Consultant Addiction Psychiatry

Kinch Andrew Consultant General Psychiatry (Locum)

Larisma Pedro Staff Grade in Addiction Psychiatry

McKay I Consultant Addiction Psychiatry

Mason D Consultant Adult Psychiatry

Misra Sandhya Associate Specialist General Psychiatry

Moore Rosemary Consultant Adult Psychiatry

Pusztai Edit Consultant General Psychiatry (Homelessness)

Ritchie S Consultant Old Age Psychiatry

Rohatgi K K Locum Consultant General Adult


Sanchez-Capuchino B Locum Consultant General Adult


Thom Alexander Consultant General Psychiatry


Southern General Hospital

Burley J Consultant General Psychiatry / Learning Disability

Caplan R Consultant Adult Psychiatry

Fellowes J Locum Liaison Psychiatry Consultant

Fraser A Consultant General Psychiatry

Kerr E Angela Consultant Adult Psychiatry

Livingstone M G Consultant Adult Psychiatry

Lyle Alexis Consultant General Psychiatry

Malcolm M R Consultant Psychotherapist

McGilp R Consultant General Psychiatry / Learning Disability

Naismith Jane Consultant Psychotherapist

Quinn Elizabeth Consultant Old Age Psychiatry




Stobhill Hospital

Manzar A Locum Consultant

Beesley, S Consultant Adult Psychiatry

Blair, Alison Consultant General Psychiatry

Haggith Alison Consultant Psychotherapist

Shaw Fraser D Consultant Addiction Psychiatry

Wylie A Consultant Addiction Psychiatry


Yorkhill Hospital

Shemilt J C Consultant Psychotherapist

Arndale Resource Centre

Clarke I Consultant Adult Psychiatry

Auchinlea House

Burke T Locum Consultant

Misra P C Consultant General Psychiatry

Williams P J Consultant Adult Psychiatry


Castlemilk Health Centre

Katzenell L Consultant Learning Disability



Douglas Inch Centre

Baird J A Consultant General Psychiatry

Davidson J M Consultant Forensic Psychiatry

Macdonald A Consultant Forensic Psychiatry

Ramsay Louise Consultant Forensic / Learning Disability


Sturrock Maureen M Consultant Forensic Psychiatry (seconded to Scottish Executive)


Eastvale Resource Centre

Jackson G Consultant Old Age Psychiatry

McKane Joe P Consultant Adult Psychiatry

Palmer D Consultant Adult Psychiatry


Eastwood Resource Centre

Gray Julia Consultant Old Age Psychiatry

Henderson T Consultant General Psychiatry

Luthra Jagdeep Staff Grade in Addiction Psychiatry

Florence Street Resource Centre

Coia Denise Consultant Adult Psychiatry

Taylor J Consultant Adult Psychiatry


Knightswood Resource Centre

Greer Anne Consultant Adolescent Psychiatry

Johnstone Carolyn Consultant Old Age Psychiatry


Larkfield Resource Centre

Ball Derek Consultant General Psychiatry

Turner Martin Consultant Adult Psychiatry


Maryhill Resource Centre

Brown D Consultant Old Age Psychiatry

McKnight J Consultant Old Age Psychiatry


Goldenhill Resource Centre

MacIver Ishbel Consultant General Adult Psychiatry

Possilpark Health Centre


Riverside Resource Centre

Ogg Elaine Consultant Adult Psychiatry

Wilson A Consultant Adult Psychiatry

Rossdale Resource Centre

Taylor Mike Consultant Adult Psychiatry

Shawmill Resource Centre

Mitchell Alison Consultant Old Age Psychiatry


Shawpark Resource Centre

Al-Mousawi M Consultant General Adult


Byrne, Geraldine Consultant General Psychiatry

Keenan M Staff Grade

Patience Douglas Consultant Adult Psychiatry




Springpark Resource Centre

Court M C Associate Specialist Registrar (Alcohol and Medical Services)

Mitchell J Consultant Liaison Psychiatry

Ward Ruth Consultant Adult Psychiatry

Taylor Mark A Consultant Adult Psychiatry



Trust HQ

Watt Linda Consultant General Psychiatry

Divisional Medical Director




Primary Care Trust /

On Rotation


Addo Ama S SpR Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

Allardyce Judith SpR General Psychiatry

Baker Melanie SpR Forensic Psychiatry

Brogan Robert T SpR General Psychiatry

Brown Deborah SpR in General Psychiatry

Cahill Catherine SpR Psychotherapy

Cochrane Ashley SpR Old Age Psychiatry

Cochrane M J SpR in Adult / Learning Disability Psychiatry

Collins P G Spr Forensic Psychiatry

Culshaw M Spr Forensic Psychiatry

Davidson A SpR in General Psychiatry and


Dewar C SpR General Psychiatry

Discombe Ann-Marie SpR Adolescent Psychiatry

East Sarah SpRGeneral Psychiatry

Ellison Julie SpR General Psychiatry

Ewins Claire SpR General Psychiatry

Fenton Fiona SpR Old Age Psychiatry

Findlay Linda SpR General Psychiatry

Flanagan Siobhan SpR General Psychiatry (Subs Misuse)

Fleming Gail SpR Learning Disability Psychiatry

Flett Sheila SpR General Psychiatry

Gerber D SpR General Psychiatry

Gray A Locum Consultant Adult Psychiatry

Halliday Jennifer SpR Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

Halford Judith SpR General Psychiatry

Hodelet Nicola SpR Forensic Psychiatry

Holmes Sarah SpR Adult Psychiatry

Ijomah G SpR Forensic Psychiatry

Imrie W SpR General Psychiatry

Jess Gillian SpR Old Age Psychiatry

Khan A SpR General Psychiatry


Lee Alyson SpR Psychotherapy

Louden J SpR General Psychiatry

Lusman Diane Spr Old Age Psychiatry

MacFarlane Wendy SpR in General Psychiatry

McDermid G SpR Old Age Psychiatry

McGrath A SpR General Psychiatry

McGurgan Una SpR General Psychiatry

Melville C SpR in General Psychiatry / Learning


Minnis H S SpR Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

Mitchell K SpR General Psychiatry

Mulcahy Michelle SpR Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

Piggot J I SpR Adolescent Psychiatry

Putter Lareman S P SpR Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

Rawstorne Julia SpR General Psychiatry

Rogan Sheelagh SpR Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

Russell Alan SpR General Psychiatry (Subs Misuse)

Smiley Elita SpR Learning Disability

Smith G L SpR General Psychiatry

Strachan Gillian SpR General Psychiatry

Tuddenham Laurence SpR Forensic Psychiatry

Ullyatt Kim SpR General Psychiatry

Warwick M SpR General Psychiatry

Westwater Jason SpR Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

White Jennifer SpR Old Age Psychiatry

Wilkinson G W SPR Adolescent Psychiatry


Locum Usage

Clark, NM Consultant Forensic Psychiatry (Retired)

Cooper, Alexander F Consultant General Psychiatry (Retired)

Gray Ron Consultant General Psychiatry

Rahman M Z Consultant Learning Disability

Psychiatry (Retired)

Short W Consultant Learning Disability

Psychiatry (Retired)












New Craigs Hospital, Inverness

Alemi Z Locum Consultant Psychiatrist

Baecker T Consultant (Learning Disabilities)

Bather C Staff Grade Psychiatrist (start 8/4/02)

Blagden K Consultant Psychiatrist (Old Age)

Court M Locum Consultant Psychiatrist

Cox J Staff Grade

Deans J Consultant General/Addiction

Edmonstone Y Consultant General/Psychotherapy

Geldenguys J Van Zyl Locum Consultant

Gordon D Consultant General/Liaison

Hay A Consultant General/Forensic

Kandala N T Locum Consultant Psychiatrist (start


MacGregor C Consultant (GEN)

MacLean R Locum Staff Psychiatrist

MacLeod M Locum Consultant

Mowat D Consultant Psychiatrist (Old Age) (start


Owen N Sustantive Consultant (start 1/7/02)

Quinn K Assistant Specialist in Psychiatry (GEN)

Riordan V Specialist Registrar (consultant from


Van Der Klift D Locum Consultant Psychiatrist

White I Associate Specialist in Learning

Disability Psychiatry

Windsor G Locum Consultant Psychiatrist




Caithness General Hospital, Wick

Welsh S Consultant (GEN)



Raigmore Hospital, Inverness

Beasley R Consultant (Child & Adolescent)

Morton A Consultant (Child & Adolescent)




General Practitioners

Martin J R Fairfield

Millard E R Wick

Ross W A Fairfield, Abban Street

Watson D A Munlochy


Medical Staff Attached to Hospitals

Hartwood Hospital, Shotts

Gibb R Consultant Psychiatrist

Hassan K Clinical Assistant (Section 20 only)

Kasem H Clinical Assistant (Section 20 only)

Keith S Consultant (GEN)

McClarkin M Consultant (GEN)

Myatt P Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist

Novosel S Consultant (GEN)

Shajahan S Consultant

Sharma S K Consultant (GEN)

Kirklands Hospital, Bothwell

Hai Q Locum Consultant Psychiatrist

Langa J Consultant (MHcp)

Mani C Consultant (MHcp)

Law Hospital, Carluke

Farhadian F Consultant (Locum)


Airbles Road Centre, Motherwell (Department of Child and Family Psychiatry)

Bainum M Consultant (CH)

Child N Consultant (CH)

Duncan J Consultant (CH)




Torrance House, Motherwell

Cheyne A Specialist Registrar

Wilkie J G Consultant (Psychotherapy)

Monklands Hospital, Airdrie

Bodane A Consultant (GEN/Old Age)

Cook A Consultant (GEN/Liaison)

Griffen J Consultant Psychiatrist

Hyland E Consultant (GEN)

Innes D Staff Grade (Section 20 only)

Zahangir M Consultant (GEN)

Hairmyres Hospital, East Kilbride

Devanney M Consultant Locum

Johnston A Consultant (GEN)

Mitchell C Consultant (GEN/Rehab)

Pelosi A Consultant (GEN)

Sim A Consultant (GEN/Old Age)

Thom A Consultant Psychiatrist

Thomson J Consultant (GEN)

Udston Hospital, Hamilton

Gray R Consultant (GEN/Old Age)


Lothian Primary Care Trust

Anderson N H Consultant Psychiatrist - Care of Elderly

Auckland K Consultant in Child and Adolescent

Avery B Acting Consultant (CH)

Blackwood D H R Hon. Consultant (GEN)

Bruce M Consultant (Psychiatry)

Carson A Lecturer

Chick J Consultant (GEN) (with special interest in alcohol problems)

Chiswick D Consultant (GEN)

Christie J Consultant (GEN)

Craig R J Consultant (GEN)

Crichton J Lecturer

Dalkin T Consultant (GEN)

Douds F Consultant (Learning Disabilities)

Dunn Susan Consultant in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Dyer J A Consultant (GEN) (Mental Welfare Commission)

Ebmeier K Hon. Consultant (GEN)

Forbes F Consultant

Freeman C P Consultant (GEN) (with special interest in Psychotherapy)

Garbutt D Consultant Psychiatrist in Old Age Psychiatry (Rosslynlee)

Glaze R Consultant Psychiatrist

Greenwood C Specialist Registrar Psychiatry


Hamilton Hilda Rose Staff Grade Psychiatrist

Hare E Consultant in General Adult Psychiatry

Hoare P Consultant Psychiatrist

Jacques A Consultant Psychiatrist - Care of the Elderly

Johnstone E (Prof) Hon. Consultant (GEN)

Lang F Consultant (GEN)

Langrell L Staff Grade

Lawrie S Hon. Consultant - Univ. Dept. of Psychiatry REH

Le Fevre P D Consultant Psychiatrist

Lodge A M Consultant (GEN/MHcp)

Loudon J B Consultant (GEN)

Lyall R M Consultant (GEN/MHcp)

McAleer Angela Consultant Psychiatrist

MacDonald Sheila Consultant (GEN/MHcp)

McConville Pauline Registrar in Psychiatry

McLennan J M Consultant (Psychogeriatrician)

Manders D Consultant Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

Mayfield N Locum Consultant Psychiatrist

Mercer G W Research Fellow & Trainee Psychiatrist

Moffoot A P R Consultant (GEN)

Morrison D Consultant (GEN) Psychiatry

Morrison P A Consultant (GEN) (with special interest in Psychogeriatrics)

Mountain Deborah Consultant Psychiatrist

Muir W Hon. Consultant (Learning Disability)

Murphy T J C Consultant Psychotherapist

Neilson Anna Specialist Registrar Forensic Psychiatry

Norton B Consultant

Nuttall N Consultant Psychiatrist

Owens D G C Hon. Senior Registrar

Phanjoo A L Consultant (GEN) (with special interest in Psychogeriatrics)

Pugh R Consultant Psychotherapist

Ritson E B Consultant (GEN/MHcp) (with special interest in alcohol problems)

Riddle W R Consultant (GEN)

Robertson Pauline Consultant (Learning Disabilities)

Rodger C R Consultant (Psy)(GEN/Old Age Psychiatry)

Rogers T D Consultant (GEN)

Sanderson T Senior Registrar Hon. SR

Scott A Consultant (GEN)

Shah P J Consultant Psychiatrist

Slatford K Consultant (GEN)

Strachan J G Consultant (GEN)

Steele J M Research Fellow & Trainee Psychiatrist

Watson Fiona Consultant Psychiatrist (CPD)

Wells A D Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist

Wheeldon T J Consultant Psychiatrist

Will D Consultant (CH)

Woodburn K Consultant Psychiatrist (Care of the Elderly)

Wrate R Consultant (CH)

Lothian University Hospitals NHS Trust/University of Edinburgh

Carson A Lecturer

Halloran E Consultant

Masterton G Consultant (GEN)

MacHale Siobhan Consultant (Liaison Psychiatry)

Potts S Consultant (GEN)

Sharpe M Hon. Specialist Registrar

Tait W S Consultant (GEN)

West Lothian NHS Trust

Based at St John’s Hospital at Howden/Bangour Village, Broxburn

Backett S Consultant (GEN and Sessions in Psychogeriatrics)

Brown T M Consultant (GEN)

Coffey I W Consultant (GEN)

Ferguson J B Part-Time Hospital Practitioner (GEN)

Hendry J D Consultant (GEN)

Hume S Consultant in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Roscrow S GEN Psychiatrist (Psychog)


Specialist Registrars

Aditya H S

Anderson S W

Bain Elizabeth M

Bennett Dinah L

Bridges Victoria

Brown Andrea K

Canavan D

Cannon Nicola

Cheeseman Sarah J

Darjee Rajan

Dewar I

Dickson D

Doody G

Dunne N

Forbes Naida

Holloway G J T

Holmes S

Kondracki Sara

Langsley N

Logan Katherine

Maddicott Sarah

Moor Stephanie

Mulvanny Amanda

McCahill J

McCallum S

McIntosh A M

McIntosh C

MacIntyre D

McTaggart Fiona C

O'Mahony E

Petrie, R X A

Reid G

Roberton C

Semple D M

Shajahan Polash

Sharpe M

Smith B J

Smith D

Smith Joanna K

Smyth R

Steel R

Steele J D

Steele J M

Stevenson G

Sutherland Jane

Tipper R J

Walker-Kinnear M

Wannon G

Williams A




Shaw S General Adult Psychiatry


Royal Dundee Liff Hospital and Carseview Centre, Dundee (Tayside Primary Care NHS Trust)

Curran S Specialist Registrar

Cuthill J Specialist Registrar

Dick P H Consultant (GEN)

English J Specialist Registrar

Fellowes J Consultant (GEN)

Findlay D J Consultant (GEN/OAP)

Hopwood S E Associate Specialist (GEN)

Johnston B Consultant (GEN)

McCulloch J Specialist Registrar

McHarg A M Consultant (GEN/Psychotherapy)

McIntyre K R Specialist Registrar

Millar H Consultant (GEN)

Morrison A Consultant (GEN)

Morrison C Specialist Registrar

Mowatt D Specialist Registrar

Reid A H Consultant (GEN)

Rodriguez C Specialist Registrar

Smith A H W Consultant (LD)

Stewart A M Consultant (GEN/Liaison)

Treliving L R Consultant (GEN/Psychotherapy)

Walker P J Consultant

Murray Royal Hospital, Perth (Tayside Primary Care Trust)

Baker M Specialist Registrar

Burnel A Consultant (GEN)

Connelly P J Consultant (Geriatric)

Cousland G Consultant (Old Age)

Dolan L Consultant (GEN)

Field M A Consultant (CH)

Guthrie M Consultant (GEN)

Kirk H E Consultant (Forensic)

Prentice N Consultant (Old Age)

Richard K Consultant (Forensic)

Tait D H H Consultant (Psychotherapy and General)

Yellowlees A J Consultant (GEN)

Centre for Child Health, 19 Dudhope Terrace, Dundee (Tayside Primary Care Trust)

Bonnar S E Consultant (Child Psychiatry)

Coghill D Hon Consultant (Child Psychiatry)

Duke S L Consultant (Child Psychiatry)

Esperon J Specialist Registrar

Field M A S Consultant (Child Psychiatry)

Grimmer C Specialist Registrar

Smith C M Consultant (Child Psychiatry)

Ninewells Hospital (Tayside Primary Care Trust)

Christmas D Specialist Registrar

Day R Hon Specialist Registrar

Matthews K Hon Consultant (GEN)

Strathmartine Hospital

Haut F F A Consultant (LD)

Smith A H W Consultant (LD)

Walker P J Consultant (LD)

Sunnyside Royal Hospital, Montrose (Angus Unit)

Clunie F Consultant (GEN)

Drayson A M Consultant (GEN)

Goode H Consultant (GEN)

Hillyear M Associate Specialist in Psychiatry

Logie S Consultant Geriatric Psychiatry

Rice P M Consultant (Alcohol Problems)

Rutherford H Specialist Registrar


Western Isles Hospital, Stornoway

Clark I Consultant Psychiatrist

Collacott R A Consultant Psychiatrist

Tarbert, Isle of Harris

Finlayson J A D General Practitioner


Billcliff Natasha Specialist Registrar

Black W Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist

Connaughton Jennifer Consultant Psychiatrist/Medical Director

Duncan Janice Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist (GEN)

Gibb R Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist

Gray C Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist

Gray D Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist

Rutherford Helen Acting Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist

Thomson Lindsay Honorary Consultant

White T Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist

Young S C Consultant Psychiatrist (Mhcp)