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Public Health 2008

The final reports for the following projects have been accepted in 2008 in the area of public health research.

Dr B Duncan, Dr J Williams, Dr C Johnman, Ms J Mcintosh

Exploring understandings of sexual risk and sexual health among heterosexual young people with antisocial behaviour problems (CZG/2/278)

Dr S Cameron, Dr H Young, Dr G Scott

Novel interventions to reduce re-infection amongst women with chlamydia trachomatis (CZH/4/127)

Professor F Liew, Dr X Wei, Professor N Thomson, Dr W Niedbala The role of IL-27 in asthma (CZB/4/144)

Dr D Brighty, Dr P McIntyre, Dr A France

Characterising antibody responses to fusion-active envelope proteins of human immunodeficiency virus and exploring the sensitivity of clinical HIV isolates to antagonists of envelope function (CZB/4/67)

Dr M Walters, Dr S Cleland, Professor K Lees, Dr C Perry, Professor J Reid

Cerebrovascular nitric oxide bioavailability in Type 2 Diabetes (CZB/4/114)
Dr L Paul, Dr B Ellis, Dr G Leese, Mr A McFadyen

The effect of a secondary task on the gait parameters of diabetic elderly people with and without peripheral neuropathy and its association with falls - a pilot study (CZG/2/250)