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Public Health 2007

The final reports for the following projects have been accepted in 2007 in the area of public health research.

Dr J Gillies, Professor A Sheikh, Mrs S Weiner-Oglivie, Dr H Pinnock, Professor M Partridge, Dr G Huby Describing compliance with and identifying barriers and facilitators to the implementation of BTS-SIGN-63 (the British guideline for the management of asthma) in a rural health board (CZG/2/186)
Dr M Murphy, Professor N Sattar, Dr M Wallace, Professor T Wilkin Clarifying the causes and consequences of childhood obesity: serial measurements of leptin, adiponectin, IGF1 and highly sensitive CRP in a cohort of healthy pre-pubertal children (CZG/2/253)
Professor S Macintyre, Professor D Leon, Dr D Campbell The Aberdeen children of the 1950s cohort study: developing and maintaining an important Scottish resource for life-course epidemiology and public health research (CZG/2/203)
Dr K Steven, Professor F Sullivan, Dr B Williams, Mrs G Hoskins (Fellowship for Dr Steven) Integrating three perspectives of goals in asthma management, the patient, the health professional and the evidence, to improve asthma morbidity (CZF/1/8)
Dr J Reilly, Mr J Boyle, Dr J Paton, Mr J McColl, Dr P Tomporowski, Miss A Fisher Effect of exercise on cognitive function in children: a pilot study (CZG/2/236)
Dr B Williams, Dr J Coyle, Dr G Hoskins, Ms A Greene, Dr R Neville, Dr S Mukhopadhyay, Ms J Pow An exploration of reasons for low physical activity levels among children with moderate to severer asthma: informing the development of new interventions (CZH/4/152)(graded excellent)
Dr S Bonellie, Professor S Jarvis, Dr R Gray, Dr E Hey, Dr J Chalmers, Professor I Greer

The changing influences of fetal gender and maternal social deprivation on three singleton pregnancy outcomes in Scotland 1981-2001 (CZH/4/293)(graded excellent)

Professor I Crombie, Dr L Irvine, Dr V Swanson, Professor K Power, Dr P Slane, Dr W Wreiden, Dr J Coyle

How can we improved the diet of young children living in areas of high deprivation (CZH/4/205)
Professor S Amyes, Dr L Vali, Ms S Davies The effect of biocide usage on clinical MRSA (CZG/2/227)
Dr C Sutherland, Dr D Cuthbertson, Dr J Petrie, Dr M Murphy, Professor A Morris

An analysis of the molecular and biochemical defects in insulin action that correlate with the development of obesity-induced insulin resistance (CZB/4/125)

Professor A Sheikh, Dr C Anandan, Dr C Fischbacher, Dr C Simpson, Dr R Gupta The health burden of allergic disease in Scotland: secondary analysis of databases (CZG/2/252)(graded excellent)
Dr T Ali, Dr C Black, Dr G Prescott, Professor A MacLeod, Dr C Simpson, Dr I Khan, Professor C Smith Preventing end stage renal disease: informing the development of a public health strategy (CZG/2/239)(graded excellent)
Professor G Raab, Ms H Storkey, Dr M Henderson, Dr J Davis, Professor L Elliott Development of instruments and procedures for a randomised controlled trial to evaluate the Zero Tolerance Respect package in Midlothian primary schools (CZG/2/264)

Professor N Thomson, Dr S Wood, Dr G Vallance, Dr L McAlpine, Dr S Howieson, Dr A McMahon, Dr R Chaudhuri, Dr C McSharry, Dr A Lawson, Dr R Brooks

Randomised controlled trial to evaluate the effect of domestic mechanical heat recovery ventilation on asthma control of patients allergic to the house dust mite (CZB/4/47)
Professor I Poxton, Professor J M Starr The host response to clostridium difficile in health and disease (CZG/1/159)
Professor Sally Macintyre, Professor Nanette Mutrie (Studentship for Miss Chloe Hughes) Are there socio-economic variations in the provision, quality and perceptions of outdoor play areas in Glasgow? (CZS/1/24)