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Public Health 2006

The final reports for the following projects have been accepted in 2006 in the area of public health research.

Dr B Guthrie, Dr C Pagliari, Dr J Evans, Dr A Greene, Dr P Donnan, Professor A Morris, Mr S Cunningham Proposal to evaluate the managed clinical network for diabetes in Tayside, as a model for emerging diabetes MCNs across Scotland (CZH/4/199) (graded excellent)
Dr S Semple, Dr G Hughson Environmental tobacco smoke: assessing non-smokers' exposure in domestic premises (CZG/2/206)
Dr M Hepburn, Dr H Mactier, Mr W Borland Can maternal and/or neonatal blood methadone levels predict onset and/or severity of neonatal abstinence syndrome and allow earlier therapeutic intervention? - a feasibility study (CZG/2/153)
Dr G Ramage, Professor J Bagg Antifungal resistance and pathogenesis of Candida albicans biofilms: a socioeconomic problem in elderly denture stomatitis patients (CZG/1/152)
Dr S Lang, Professor C Gemmell Novel factors responsible for the dominance of epidemic-methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus clones in Scottish hospitals (CZG/1/117)
Professor J Satsangi, Dr M Aldhous, Dr L Stark, Professor M Dunlop, Dr I Rahman Gene environmental interactions in inflammatory bowel disease: the effects of smoking on NF-kB activation (CZB/4/68)
Dr J Reilly, Dr C Kelnar, Mr M Wallace, Dr J McColl, Dr M Donaldson A randomised controlled trial of a novel, intensive approach to dietetic-led treatment of childhood obesity (CZH/4/60)
Dr M Inkster (Fellowship) The outcome of pregnancy in diabetic women: systematic review and cohort study of individual patient data in a geographically-defined population over a ten year period (CZF/1/20)