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Public Health 2004

The final reports for the following projects were accepted in 2004 in the area of public health research.

Dr J Stubbs, Professor M Elia, Dr I Broom Protein supplementation subsequent to weight loss: effects on body composition, feeding behaviour and body weight in humans (CZG/4/1/23)
Dr R Minns, Professor A Mendelow, Dr P Andrews, Dr R Forsyth, Professor J Bell, Dr I Chambers, Dr B Fulton
Secondary brain insults from accidental and non-accidental injury in children and the relationship with outcome (K/MRS/50/C2784)
Dr J Lawton, Professor O Parry, Dr M Douglas Diabetes service provision: a qualitative study of user experiences (CZH/4/41)
Dr E van Teijlingen, Dr J Hall, Dr D Campbell, Ms E Mitchell Drug misusing pregnant women's experience of care. A qualitative study (CZG/2/68)
Dr J Cleland, Professor D Price Implementing self-management plans in patients with asthma in Grampian: a pilot study (CZG/2/90)

Dr D Tappin, Dr M Lumsden, Ms F Crawford, Mr H Gilmour, Ms D McIntyre, Dr D Stone, Ms P Meldrum

Smokechange: Does home-based motivational interviewing by specially trained midwives help pregnant smokers reduce their habit? A randomised controlled efficacy study (K/OPR/2/2/D387)
Dr W Carman, Dr I Jones Assessing the feasibility of implementing a sentinel-based system for the aetiological diagnosis of outbreaks of presumed viral disease in the community (CZG/4/1/31)

Dr G Walsh

The engulfment of human apoptotic eosinophils by bronchial epithelial cells; receptor-mediated mechanisms and effects on epithelial cytokine and chemokine secretion (CZB/4/17)

Dr S Ralston, Professor D Reid

Identification and mapping of osteoporosis genes in the general population by DNA pooling (CZB/4/18)
Dr E McCruden, Dr A Binning, Dr W Carman The epidemiology of, and morbidity caused by, rhinovirus and other respiratory virus infections in the adult intensive care unit (CZG/1/85)
Dr S Howie, Dr G Entrican, Dr S McBride, Professor D Harrison Chlamydophila pneumoniae infection of pulmonary epithelial cells - implications for inflammation and chronic lung disease (K/MRS/50/C2772)