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NHS Needs 2008

The final reports for the following projects have been accepted in 2008 in the area of research into NHS needs.

Professor J Satsangi, Dr E Nimmo, Professor D Porteous, Professor M Dunlop, Dr D Wilson, Dr N Anderson

An investigation of the genetic determinants of susceptibility to Crohn's disease in the Scottish population (CZB/4/146)

Dr J Lawton, Dr E Peel, Dr M Douglas Diabetes service provision: a follow-up study of user experiences (CZG/2/241) (graded excellent)
Dr P Hoddinott, Ms J Britten, Dr A Ludbrook, Dr D Tappin, Ms J Mollison, Dr R McInnes, Dr D Godden

The BIG trial: a randomised controlled trial to evaluate the clinical and cost effectiveness of breastfeeding support groups in improving breastfeeding initiation, duration and satisfaction (CZH/4/156) (graded excellent)

Dr P Donnan, Dr C Tilley, Dr C Fischbacher, Dr C Simpson, Dr B Guthrie, Mr M Sutton, Professor J Morrison, Dr B McKinstry

Development and validation of an algorithm to predict emergency hospital admissions in Scotland (CZH/4/374)

Dr J McLay, Dr K Mearns, Dr R Milne, Dr C Simpson, Professor P Helms, Dr C Bond Implementation of a computerised decision support system to GPASS practices to reduce the level of off-label paediatric prescribing in primary care: a feasbility study (CZG/2/224)
Professor A Sheikh, Dr A Worth, Dr U Nurmatov

Anaphylaxis management plans for children and adults in the community in the UK: a systematic review and e-delphi study (CZG/2/296)

Professor F Lyall, Dr D McCaig, Dr A Cameron, Professor M Connor

The role of the hemeoxygenase/carbon monoxide system in trophoblast invasion and protection from oxidative stress during pregnancy (CZB/4/139)

Dr M Watson

The development, fabrication and clinical evaluation of a novel ultrasound probe to guide the insertion of central regional anaesthesia in obese women undergoing elective caesarean section (CZG/1/87)

Dr P Newsome, Professor D Harrison, Professor W Bickmore, Dr K Samuel, Dr J Pelvris, Dr M Turner

In vivo study of hepatocytic differentiation of human haematopoietic stem cells and their reparative role in liver injury (CZB/4/114)

Dr S Treweek, Professor F Sullivan, Professor M Eccles, Professor M Johnston, Dr J Francis, Professor I Ricketts, Miss C Jones, Dr D Bonetti, Professor N Pitts

A web-based platform to support the development, delivery, modelling and evaluation of complex interventions: intervention modelling experiments (CZG/2/333)

Dr K Fairhurst, Professor C May

Non face to face consultations in primary care: professionals' experiences, interests and concerns (CZH/4/270)

Dr B McKinstry, Professor A Sheikh, Dr H Pinnock, Mr D Heaney, Dr J Dowell, Dr R Slack

Investigating the potential and limitations of telephone consultations in delivering accessible, quality and safe patient-centred primary care: the views of patients, clinicians and administrative staff (CZH/4/303)

Dr J Rattray, Dr E Myers, Mrs C Johnstone, Prof R Ludwick, Dr W Lauder Indicators of acute deterioration in adult patients nursed in acute wards: what determines nurses' response? (CZG/2/289)
Dr K Fairhurst, Ms L Hanna, Prof C May Non face to face consultations and communications in general practice: the role and perspective of practice managers (CZG/2/324)
Dr S Bhattacharya, Dr M Hamilton, Miss A Lee, Prof A Templeton, Dr J Kurinczuk, Dr M Porter A study of epidemiology of infertility in the north east of Scotland (CZH/4/391)
Dr J Olson, Dr W Wykes, Dr M Virdi, Dr K Swa, Dr S Philip, Dr A Fleming, Mr P McNamee, Dr K Goatman, Mr G Prescott, Dr G Williams, Prof P Sharp, Dr G Leese

The role of automated level two grading within the diabetic retinopathy screening collaborative network (CZH/4/316)