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NHS Needs 2007

The final reports for the following projects have been accepted in 2007 in the area of research into NHS needs.

Dr P Warner, Professor S Cunningham-Burley Health concerns and experience of hormonal replacement therapies among young women with premature ovarian failure (CZG/2/220)
Professor D Murphy, Dr G McLeod A randomised controlled trial of oxytocin 5iu versus oxytocin 5iu and 30iu infusion for the control of blood loss at elective caesarean section - pilot study (CZG/2/185)
Professor T Evans, Dr J Kinsella

The influence of a dominant toll-like receptor (TLR) 5 stop codon polymorphism on the development of infection in critically ill patients (CZG/1/142)
Professor D Rowley, Mr D Nicoll, Mr C Wigderowitz

The effect of component orientation on pain relief after total knee replacement (CZG/1/125)
Dr C Hind, Professor C Bond, Professor A Lee, Dr E van Teijlingen (Primary Care Research Career Award for Dr Hind) Provision of travel medicine services for community pharmacy - a needs assessment and feasibility study (CZP/4/10)
Dr J Dean, Dr A Rasalam Genetic epidemiology of epilepsy and fetal anticonvulsant syndrome in Scotland (CZG/2/198)
Dr J Pell, Professor G Smith Retrospective cohort study of the association between pre- and peri-natal factors and special educational needs (CZG/2/205)
Dr B McKinstry, Professor A Sheikh, Dr H Pinnock, Mr D Heaney,Dr J Dowell, Dr R Slack, Professor G Edwards How do telephone consultations differ from face to face consultations in content and quality? a pilot comparative study using tape recorded consultations (CZG/2/245)

Dr C Thomson, Dr I Beggs, Dr D Martin, Ms D McCaldin, Dr R Edwards, Dr D Russell, Ms S Yeo, Professor I Russell, Mr J Gibson

A patient blind multicentred randomised controlled trial to investigate the effectiveness of methylprednisolone injections in the treatment of Morton's neuroma (CZH/4/88)

Professor A Sheikh, Dr E Grant, Dr S Murray, D A Worth, Professor R Bhopal, Dr M Kendall, Dr D Brown, Dr D Brown, Dr J Adam, Dr R Gardee, Ms N Aslam, Dr J Lawton

Developing services to meet the end of life care needs of South Asian Sikh and Muslim patients and their families in Scotland (CZH/4/242)

Professor S Bhattacharya, Dr H Lyall, Dr A Harold, Dr C Tay, Dr D McQueen, Dr J Mills, Ms S Wordsworth, Professor A Templeton

A randomised controlled trial of clomiphene citrate versus intra-uterine insemination for the management of unexplained infertility (CZH/4/17)
Professor B Dhillon, Dr C Hayward, Dr A Armbrecht, Professor A Wright

Investigating the genetic basis of age-related maculopathy (CZB/4/79)

Dr P Fowler, Professor S Bhattacharya Optimisation of an in-vitro model to investigate the human fetal testis (CZG/1/109)
Dr B Cuthbertson, Mr G Prescott, Dr G Christie, Dr S Close

A scoring system to allow early recognition and intervention of critical illness in acute medical admissions in a medical admissions and respiratory unit environment (CZG/2/202)

Professor B Smith, Professor M Pope, Professor P Hannaford, Dr A Elliot, Professor M Johnston, Professor W Chambers

Development study for a complex intervention for chronic low back pain in NHS primary care: identifying its likely components and assessing its likely acceptability (CZH/4/248)
Ms A Cardy, Dr Z Miedzybrodzka, Dr L Sharp Does second Trimester amniocentesis increase the risk of clubfoot in the offspring? (CZH/4/221)
Dr M Witham, Professor M McMurdo

Validation of the patient generated index in older, frail patients attending a medicine for the elderly day hospital (CZG/2/233)

Professor M McMurdo, Professor D Johnston, Professor P Boyle, Dr P Donnan, Dr F Sniehotta

An open pilot randomised trial of the feasibility of using pedometers plus systematic advice to increase physical activity levels in sedentary older women living in the community (CZH/4/310)

Dr K Cooper, Dr A Sambrook, Professor M Campbell, Dr J Cook, Ms M Kilonzo, Dr L Vale

Microwave endometrial ablation versus thermal balloon endometrial ablation - a randomised comparison of treatment in the post menstrual phase: clinical outcomes, patient acceptability and cost (CZH/4/117)

Dr C Lambert, Dr E McRorie, Dr E Suresh, Dr N Hurst, Dr V Dhillon

Comparison of two pragmatic strategies for management of newly diagnosed polyarthritis using disease modifying anti-rheumatic drugs (CZH/4/194)

Ms H Cheyne, Dr V Hundley, Dr D Dowding, Professor C Niven, Professor I Greer, Professor J Bland, Dr L Aucott, Dr P McNamee

A cluster randomised trial to investigate the use of a decision aid for the diagnosis of active labour in term pregnancy (CZH/4/245) (graded excellent)
Professor C Espie, Dr N Broomfield

A pilot investigation of autonomic and cortical arousal in adults diagnosed with psychophysiological (primary) insomnia (CZG/2/187)

Dr K Fairhurst, Professor Sheikh, Dr S Ziebland Access to emergency contraception: a systematic review of the effectiveness of intervention to increase use and research on facilitators and barriers (CZG/2/244)
Professor B Frier, Professor I Deary, Dr J Geddes The effects of hypoglycaemia on psychomotor function in adults with and without type 1 (insulin-treated) diabetes (CZB/4/423)
Dr R Al-Jamal, Professor D Harrison, Dr W Wallace Novel treatment targets for lung disease (CZB/4/129)
Dr R Rushmer, Professor H Davies (Studentship for Mrs Gail Greig) The nature of learning in primary care in the UK: the role of context and activity as pivotal factors (CZS/1/28)
Dr C Burton, Professor M Sharpe, Professor D Weller (Fellowship for Dr Burton) Diary study of medically unexplained symptoms (CZF/1/22)