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NHS Needs 2006

The final reports for the following projects have been accepted in 2006 in the area of research into NHS needs.

Dr J Millar, Dr D Heaney, Ms M Morton, Dr P McNamee, Dr S Selvaraj, Professor C Bond A feasibility study for a future economic evaluation of instalment dispensing for newly prescribed medicines (CZG/2/122)

Professor P O'Dwyer, Mr J Norrie, Dr A Walker, Mr R Molloy, Professor K Fearon, Dr M Serpell, Mr P Horgan

Effect of intravenous fluids and sodium restriction on patient recovery following major abdominal surgery: a single blind pragmatic randomised clinical trial (CZH/4/98)
Dr J Clarkson, Professor N Pitts, Professor J Grimshaw, Professor M Johnston, Dr J Rennie, Professor R Ibbetson, Professor F Sullivan, Dr T Scott, Dr C Ramsay, Dr L McPherson, Dr D Evans, Dr E Humphries, Dr C Southwick, Dr M Murray The effect of remuneration and education on the implementation of research evidence to reduce inequalities in oral health (CZP/3/2)
Dr J Moss, Dr M Lumsden, Dr S Twaddle, Dr R Edwards, Professor G Murray Multicentre randomised controlled trial comparing uterine artery embolisation with surgical treatment for uterine fibroids (CZH/4/1)
Dr R Stevenson, Dr M Johnson, Mr R Carter, Dr J Kinsella

Validation and evaluation of a non-invasive method of measuring work of breathing using the forced oscillation technique (K/MRS/50/C2788)

Dr R Reynolds, Professor D Philips, Dr K Godfrey

Maternal consumption of a high-meat, low carbohydrate diet in late pregnancy and stress responsiveness in the offspring (CZG/1/139)

Dr S Ibbotson, Dr G Smith

Individuality in cutaneous gene expression as a potential phenotypic marker of response to therapy in patients with psoriasis - further validation of the experimental model (CZG/1/88)

Dr B Noble, Professor H Simpson

Assessment of the osteogenic nature of commercial bone substitutes using a novel bioreactor (CZG/1/130)

Dr S Parks, Dr D Keating, Professor M Brodie, Professor G Dutton, Dr R Duncan

Assessing retinal toxicity of vigabatrin and other GABA-ergic drugs in patients with refractory epilepsy (CZB/4/78) (graded excellent)

Dr S McLean, Dr J McLean, Dr M Mathew

Migration and adhesion of lens epithelial cells under stress (CZG/1/112)

Ms S McCann (CSO Fellowship) Patients' perspectives on participation in randomised controlled trials (CZF/1/15)
Mr Pawlos Teckle (CSO Studentship) Exploring the relationship between rurality and health in Scotland (CZS/1/24)
Mrs Terry Porteous (CSO Fellowship) Managing minor illness: how do patients choose between self-care, pharmacist advice and GP consultation (CZF/1/21)
Dr M Watson, Dr J Cleland, Dr J Francis, Professor C Bond Using behavioural theory to develop and evaluate a communication skill training package for medicine counter assistants to improve the appropriate supply of non-prescription medicines (CZG/2/194)
Mrs R Price, Professor M McMurdo, Professor A Anderson Development and feasibility testing of a combined nutrition and physical activity intervention programme aimed at maintaining the physical function of older people following hip fracture (CZG/2/212)
Dr S Klein, Dr G Cumming, Professor D Alexander, Dr N Hamilton The development and evaluation of a miscarriage-related website for women and their partners following early pregnancy loss: a pilot study (CZG/2/162)
Dr C O'Donnell, Ms M Higgins, Dr K Mullen Asylum seekers and health: understanding their views, their knowledge, and their use of health services (CZG/2/165)
Dr D Porter, Dr H Capell Triple therapy in early, active rheumatoid arthritis (TEAR) (CZH/4/54) (graded excellent)
Ms Jenny Gordon (CSO Fellowship) The effectiveness of reflexology as an adjunct to treatment in childhood idiopathic constipation: a single line randomised controlled trial (the SOCC project) (CZF/1/13)
Prof Mary Henry, Dr Markus Themessl-Huber, Pamela Davidson, Dr Karen Lee
A pilot study of a utilisation focused evaluation of factors influencing hand hygiene practices in nursing staff within NHSScotland (CZG/2/180)
Dr A Hofmann, Miss O Kamarainen Structure-based drug design of nitrosylating anti-inflammatory compounds targeting the glucocorticoid receptor
Dr S Shen, Dr N Smith, Professor C McCaig Novel screening markers for neural tube defects? (CZG/1/128)
Dr J Crossley, Professor G Smith, Dr D Aitken, Dr F Lyall, Professor J Connor First trimester prediction of adverse pregnancy outcome by analysis of maternal serum markers (CZB/4/81)
Dr C Lloyd, Dr S Scrimgeour, Dr M Jones, Dr J Chudek An investigation of the formulation, structure and properties of portland-type cements suitable for dental restoration (CZG/1/65)
Dr B Noble, Dr V Mann Genetic basis of the response to exercise and inactivity - design of novel genetic markers of disease risk (CZG/1/101)
Dr D Campbell, Professor M Hall Risk of stillbirth after previous caesarean section during the past 50 years in Aberdeen (CZG/2/173)
Dr B Cuthbertson, Dr M MacLeod, Dr D Williams, Dr R Muir, Professor R Flin, Dr S Olsen, Professor M Campbell, Professor C Vincent The prevalence and nature of adverse events in an acute hospital in Scotland (CZG/2/183)
Dr C Bucknall, Dr R Stevenson, Dr M Cotton, Dr A McConnachie, Dr C Morrison, Dr J Cleland Development study for a complex intervention for patients with moderate to severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD): Glasgow care and self-management randomised controlled trial (CZG/2/229)
Dr P Fowler, Professor S Bhattacharya, Dr P Cash Establishing a relationship between endometrial proteins and endometriosis (CZG/1/111)
Dr M Moss, Professor S Urbaniak, Professor R Fraser Synthetic peptides as potential blood grouping diagnostic reagents (CZB/4/49)