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NHS Needs 2005

The final reports for the following projects have been accepted in 2005 in the area of research into NHS needs.

Professor A Simpson, Mr P Gaston, Dr D Salter Molecular methods for improving the diagnosis of joint replacement infections (CZB/4/15)
Mr S Wigmore, Professor O Garden The effect of major liver resection on fractional and absolute reticuloendothelial function and its relationship to endotoxin handling (CZG/1/80)
Professor J Rees, Professor D Weller, Professor G Murray Newer approaches to efficacy trials of topical agents in psoriasis: a pilot study (CZG/4/1/38)
Dr K Ramaesh, Dr M Turner, Dr B Dhillon Establishing a laboratory protocol for ex vivo expansion of corneal limbal stem cells for human clinical transplantation (CZG/1/82)
Professor J Satsangi, Professor M Dunlop, Professor H Campbell, Professor S Ghosh, Professor J Seckl Predicting the outcome of severe ulcerative colitis (CZB/4/31)
Dr D Keating, Dr S Parks, Professor G Dutton, Dr A Evans A non-invasive method for assessment of retinal ischaemia: a comparison of multifocal ERG functional imaging with fluorescein angiography (K/MRS/50/C2777)
Dr K Mullen, Dr L Macpherson, Dr R Gardee Ethnic background and oral health ideas and practices: a qualitative study (CZH/4/53)
Professor I Markova, Ms J Murphy Consultation between general practitioners and people with a communication disability (CZG/2/100)
Mrs R Price, Professor M McMurdo, Professor A Anderson Programme development, feasibility and acceptability of a snack based intervention for hip fracture patients (CZG/2/126)
Dr B Goudie, Professor F Sullivan, Professor P Donnan, SD Pringle,
Professor A Struthers

General practitioner interpretation of pre-echocardiography ECGs in patients with symptoms suggestive of heart failure