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NHS Needs 2004

The final reports for the following projects were accepted in 2004 in the area of research into NHS needs.

Dr B Williams, Ms A Currie, Ms A Smith, Dr S Mukhopadhyay, Ms E Dhouieb, Dr MJ Morison, Dr J Dowell Adherence to physiotherapy among children with cystic fibrosis: a qualitative investigation (CZH/4/35)
Dr KG Cooper, Ms J Seymour, Dr S Wallage, Dr WJ Graham The effects of hormonal endometrial preparation before microwave endometrial ablation: patient acceptability, treatment outcome and costs (CZH/4/21)
Mrs F Genasi, Ms M McCreaddie, Mrs M Henry, Professor A Taylor, Dr IS Symington, Professor D Goldberg, Professor J Bagg Occurrence and prevention of reported occupational needlestick injuries within the National Health Service in Scotland with particular reference to the role of safety devices (CZH/4/26)
Mrs MP Sweeney, Dr SL Manton A study to determine the availability of domiciliary dental care and the attitude of Scottish dentists to its provision (CZG/4/2/58)
Professor C Espie, Professor C Morin, Dr B McKinstry, Dr HM Engleman, Dr PMJ Wilson, Dr A Walker, Professor NJ Douglas Clinical and health economic benefit of non-pharmacological treatment of chronic insomnia in primary care (CZH/4/2)
Dr G Mires, Dr J Leslie, Professor P Howie, Professor P Baker A longitudinal study of circulating factors in women at risk of adverse pregnancy outcome identified by uterine arterial notching (K/MRS/50/C2783)
Dr WS Wilson, Dr G Williams Cellular and subcellular mechanisms of action of drugs which lower intraocular pressure and their application in the development of new therapies for glaucoma (CZG/4/1/12)
Ms H Cheyne, Dr V Hundley, Dr D Dowding, Dr J Mollison, Professor I Greer A feasibility study for a cluster randomised trial to investigate the use of a decision aid for the diagnosis of active labour in term pregnancy (CZH/4/46)
Dr S Bhattacharya, Dr E van Teijlingen, Dr D Campbell, Professor M Hall, Professor A Templeton

Reproductive outcome following caesarean section (CZH/4/31)

Professor M McMurdo, Dr G Phillips, Professor I Crombie

A double blind placebo controlled trial of the effectiveness of cranberry juice ingestion in the prevention of urinary tract infection in elderly hospital patients (K/OPR/2/2/D398)
Professor M Morison, Professor F Sullivan, Professor H Staines, Dr P Wilson, Professor D Stone, Dr D Tappin

Acquiring night time bladder control: A study of pre-school children and their families living in Tayside and Greater Glasgow (OOB/3/19/F20)

Margaret Roberston (Student), Dr Susan Cowan (Main supervisor) A discourse analysis of shared decision making in primary care (CZS/1/8, PhD studentship)
Susan Baxter (Student), Dr Dawn Dowding (Main supervisor) An examination of how nurses use clinical assessment tools for decision making in continuing care (CZS/1/17, PhD studentship)
Professor H Watson, Professor J McIntosh, Professor D Tolson Protecting older people's health: the health promotion work of community nurses with older people in Scotland (CZG/2/99)

Professor D Price, Mr S Gerard, Dr A Sharma, Dr M Knight

Evaluating spiritual healing: a pragmatic, single blind, three-arm RCT pilot study of complementary medicine in primary and secondary care of patients with asthma (CZG/2/2/32)

Dr D Salter, Dr S Millward-Sadler

Investigation of the role of aberrant interleukin-4 signalling in osteoarthritis (CZB/4/4)
Dr T Redpath, Dr P Haggerty, Dr D Abramovich, Dr S Semple, Dr J Ross, Professor F Gilbert Non-invasive detection of oxygenation in utero using bold-MRI in normal and small-for-dates fetuses (CZB/4/19)
Dr R Fleming, Dr N Sattar, Dr J Norman Discontinuation of metformin treatment as a model for the genesis of polycystic ovary syndrome (CZG/1/92)
Professor J Seckl, Dr J Nasir, Dr A O'Hare Genetics of specific language impairment (SLI) in children in Scotland (K/MRS/50/C2728)

Professor F Gibbon, Dr S Peppe, Dr A O'Hare, Ms M Rutherford

Prosodic ability in children with autism (CZB/4/34)
Dr M Donaldson, Dr P Hindmarsh, Professor D Dunger, Dr P Betts A prospective UK collaborative study into growth promoting treatment for Turner syndrome (K/MRS/50/C2713)
Dr P Haggarty, Dr S Bhattacharaya, Dr S Duthie, Dr G McNeill, Professor A Templeton, Professor N Haites Maternal folate status, folate polymorphisms and fertility (CZB/4/23)
Dr V Rodie, Dr D Freeman, Dr N Sattar Is there a link between inflammation and insulin resistance in pre-eclampsia? (CZB/1/74)
Dr M Shepherd, Professor N Thomson Development of human airway smooth muscle cell culture for investigation of the molecular changes associated with chronic asthma (CZG/1/89)