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Mental Health 2008

The final reports for the following projects have been accepted in 2008 in the area of mental health research.

Dr A McIntosh, Dr S Lawrie, Professor E Johnstone, Dr J Hall, Dr K Lymer, Dr M Bastin

White matter integrity in bipolar disorder and schizophrenia (CZB/4/434) (graded excellent)

Dr M King, Professor C Hughes, Mr P McNamee, Dr W Primrose, Dr A Lee, Dr C Bond

An evaluation of an adapted United States model of pharmaceutical care to improve psychoactive prescribing for care home residents in Scotland (CZG/2/243)

Dr R Robertson, Dr M Hickman, Dr J MacLeod

The Edinburgh addiction cohort - a follow-up study to describe the life course of injecting drug use (including treatment pathways, imprisonment, mortality, and rates of cessation); and to identify and recruit a community matched control (CZH/4/318)

Dr G Bell, Dr S Cheseldine, Dr A O'Hare, Dr D MacDonald

Blood fatty acid and phospholipase A2 concentrations as indicators of abnormal phospholipid metabolism in autism: the potential for intervention using fatty acid supplements (CZB/4/256)

Dr A MacLullich, Professor I Deary, Professor J Seckl, Professor J Starr, Professor J Wardlaw, Dr M Bastin

The role of glucocorticoids in ageing-related cognitive decline: a prospective magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy study (CZB/4/264)

Ms I Schofield, Professor D Tolson, Professor D Stott

Validity of the 4-item abbreviated mental test for older people in an accident and emergency department (CZG/2/248) (graded excellent)