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Mental Health 2007

The final reports for the following projects have been accepted in 2007 in the area of mental health research.

Dr A Jahoda, Dr C Pert, Dr P Trower, Dr B Stenfert-Kroese, Dr B Burford, Professor D Dagnan Establishing the building blocks of cognitive behavioural therapy for people with mild learning disabilities: an exploration of key process issues (CZH/4/181)
Dr D Christmas, Professor K Matthews, Mr R McVicar, Mr M Eljamel, Dr G Houston, Dr J Gilchrist, Dr A Livingstone

Functional neurosurgery for intractable mental disorder: long term effects on mental health, neuropsychological performance, social function and quality of life (CZG/2/223) (graded excellent)

Professor R McCreadie, Dr J Allardyce, Dr B Kirkpatrick, Dr C Tek, Professor J van Os, Dr C Kelly A population based study of the course and outcome of first episode psychosis (CZH/4/110)
Professor Jonathan Evans Improving cognitive-motor dual-tasking in neurological illness (CZG/2/207)
Dr J Parkinson, Dr D Watson, Dr G Sills, Professor C Robertson, Professor M Brodie, Dr J Leach

Metabolic profiling in the identification of drug-resistant epilepsy (CZG/1/113)
Dr C Dibben, Dr I Atherton, Dr A Baldacchino, and Professor J Doherty Scoping a homelessness and drug/alcohol cohort dataset from routine information (CZG/2/256)
Dr P Wilson, Dr C Puckering, Dr N Reissland, Dr H Marwick, Professor C Gillberg, Dr A McConnachie A pilot study to establish the feasibility of parental targeted video recording for studies of social communication in early childhood (CZG/2/217)
Dr A Green, Professor M Power, Mrs A Hawkins A follow-up study of the quality of life of adults with intellectual disabilities discharged from a long stay learning disabilities hospital (CZH/4/197)
Dr A Carson, Dr M Sharpe, Dr J Cavanagh The management and outcome of medically unexplained neurological symptoms: a Scottish national study (CZH/4/47)
Dr M Sharpe, Professor D Weller Patients frequently referred from primary to secondary care for medically unexplained symptoms (CZH/4/37)
Professor J Morrison, Ms M Maxwell, Ms R Munoz-Arroyo, Dr A Power, Dr M Smith, Mr M Sutton, Dr P Wilson An exploratory study of antidepressant prescribing in Scotland (CZH/4/198)
Professor M Johnston, Professor P Hannaford, Dr D Dixon, Dr A Elliott Disability in the community: the role of chronic pain and illness related cognitions (CZG/1/146)
Dr Z Miedzybrodzka, Professor D St Clair, Dr J Williams, Ms M Neves-Pereira, Dr B Mueller Molecular analysis of breakpoint regions of a de novo reciprocal translocation associated with autism (CZB/4/294)