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Mental Health 2006

The final reports for the following projects have been accepted in 2006 in the area of mental health research.

Dr R Milne, Dr B Torsney The impact of consultant outreach on non-attendance at psychiatric out-patient clinics: did it raise non-attendance (CZG/2/184)
Dr V Riordan, Dr D Selvaraj, Dr C Stark Low birthweight, preterm delivery and suicide in later life: a cohort study of possible associations, using the data set of the scottish morbidity record (CZG/2/129)
Dr P Banks, Dr A Jahoda, Professor S Riddell Does the transition to supported employment have an impact on the mental health and perceived well being of people with learning difficulties? (CZH/4/50)
Professor D Blackwood, Dr M Ayub, Dr W Muir, Professor D Porteous, Dr P Visscher

Genetic linkage studies of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder in large families from Scotland and Pakistan (CZB/4/12)

Dr C Matheson, Professor C Bond, Ms I Cameron, Dr A Lee, Dr B Davidson, Mr R Baird Enhanced community pharmacy activities for methadone maintained patients based on behavioural change theory and motivational interviewing: a pilot study (CZG/2/197)
Professor D Peck An evaluation of computer-guided approaches to cognitive behaviour therapy in remote and rural areas: a feasibility study (CZH/4/129)
Dr H Minnis, Dr A Pelosi, Professor E Taylor, Professor T O'Connor, Dr D Young, Dr J Barnes Reactive attachment disorder - development of a standardised assessment tool (CZH/4/176)
Professor I Deary, Professor R Watson A longitudinal study of stress and psychological morbidity in nurses and student nurses in Scotland (CZG/2/195)
Dr H Minnis, Dr J Green, Mr W Read Validation of the computerised Manchester child assessment story task (CZG/2/170)
Professor S Cooper, Professor J Morrison, Dr E Smiley, Ms L Allan, Dr C McGrother, Dr S Bhaumik The incidence of mental health and mental ill-health in adults with learning disabilities (CZH/4/96)
Professor J Wishart, Ms J Scott, Dr C Currie Including children with learning disabilities/special education needs into national health surveys: a pilot study (CZG/2/201)
Dr C Matheson, Professor C Bond Community pharmacy services for drug misusers: measuring national service delivery and the development of professional attitudes and practice over a decade (CZG/2/232) (graded excellent)
Professor K Millar, Professor R Welbury, Dr M Hosey, Professor A Bowman, Dr A Asbury A clinical evaluation of the effects of chair-side paediatric dental general anaesthesia and midazolam sedation on cognitive function, anxiety and access to future dental care (CZH/4/139)
Dr J March, Dr A O'Hare An HPLC and MS analysis of the urines of autistic and control children to investigate the validity or otherwise of dietary intervention as a treatment (CZG/1/129) (graded excellent)
Professor G Dutton, Dr M Bradnam, Dr R Hamilton, Dr V Manahilov, Professor D McCulloch, Dr J Calvert Assessment of contrast sensitivity in infants and children with neurological impairment: the development and implementation of a novel test using visual evoked potentials (CZB/4/247) (graded excellent)