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Mental Health 2005

The final reports for the following projects have been accepted in 2005 in the area of mental health research.

Dr M Milders, Professor J Crawford, Mr D Currie Longitudinal study of changes in emotional and social behaviour following head injury (CZH/4/14)
Dr G Cumming, Professor D Alexander, Dr S Klein, Ms J Bell The development and validation of a screening instrument to identify women and partners at risk post-miscarriage of developing psychological morbidity and problem of adjustment (CZH/4/34)
Dr R Robertson, Dr M Bruce, Professor G Raab Randomised controlled trial of dihydrocodeine and methadone in the treatment of opiate dependent patients (K/OPR/2/2/D399)
Professor I Markova, Ms J Murphy, Ms L Cameron Evaluating the effectiveness of Talking Mats as a communication resource to enable people with an intellectual disability to express their views on life planning (CZH/4/33)