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Mental Health 2004

The final reports for the following projects were accepted in 2004 in the area of mental health research.

Professor G Teasdale, Dr C Roy, Professor T McMillan, Dr GD Murray The further outcome of hospitalised head injuries (CZH/4/48)
Reverend A Young, Dr E Kelly The significance of ritual in grieving the death of a baby - listening to the voices of bereaved parents (CZG/2/83)
Professor WR Lindsay, Mr J Hooper A pilot study to investigate whether background music, played at mealtimes, reduces the agitation of people with a learning disability and improves their nutritional status (CZG/4/2/65)
Dr PM McGoldrick, Dr R Durham A systematic (Cochrane) review of psychotherapy for dental anxiety (CZG/4/2/45)
Dr A Blower, Ms M Troup, Dr J Barton "Listening well": A preliminary evaluation of active music-making and listening training as complementary interventions for childres with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
Dr I Sinnakaruppen, Dr P Mattison Head-Injury and family carers: An innovative community based training programme for family carers and patients - a pilot study (CZG/4/2/51)
Dr J Starr, Dr J Mongomery A case-control study of vitamin D levels in Alzheimers disease (CZG/4/2/36)
Dr C Matheson, Ms I Cameron, Professor C Bond, Dr P MacNamee, Dr A Robinson A feasibility study of supervised administration of buprenorphine in community pharmacies (CZG/2/103)
Dr R Hamilton, Dr K Lawton, Dr J Eagles, Ms I Cameron, Professor J Crawford, Dr S Eisen, Mr S Naji Development and assessment of the BASIS (Behaviour And Symptom Identification Scale) mental health outcome measure (CZH/4/39)
Professor D Blackwood, Dr M Dunnigan, Dr W Muir, Professor D Porteous, Dr V Murray, Dr A Pelosi, Dr P Visscher
A genetic linkage study to detect quantitative trait loci for unipolar depression associated with idiopathic oedema in three large pedigrees (K/MRS/50/C2775)
Dr A Gumley, Dr M O'Grady, Dr J Reilly, Professor K Power A randomised controlled trial of two methods of early signs monitoring to detect relapse in schizophrenia (CZH/4/8)
Mr B Paterson, Dr D Dowding, Dr R Morrison, Mr S McComish, Mr I Aitken Observation of acutely ill psychiatric in-patients: a social judgement analysis (CZH/4/36)
Professor A Taylor, Professor D Goldberg, Dr L Gruer,Ms Sharon Hutchinson, Dr Neil Craig, Ms L Allen, Ms G.Duncan, Ms J Pearson Impact of methadone maintenance therapy, five years after initial entry into treatment (CZH/4/27)
Professor D Cooke, Mrs C Michie Improving the diagnosis of psychopathy: dimensional and categorical approaches (CZH/4/42)