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Cardiovascular Disease and Stroke 2007

The final reports for the following projects have been accepted in 2007 in the area of cardiovascular disease or stroke research.

Dr S Kinn, Professor V Fleming, M Lawrence (CSO studentship) Appropriate patient-centred outcomes for young adults post-stroke and their families (CZS/1/31)

Professor K Lees, Dr S Aslanyan, Dr C Weir, Dr K Muir
Magnesium in acute lacunar stroke patients: preliminary studies for considering a protocol for a randomised clinical trial(CZH/4/282)
Professor F Fowkes, Professor C Ruckley, Dr P Allan, Dr A Lee, Mr S Fraser, Miss S Johnston, Mrs K Gallagher, Dr C Evans, Dr B McKinstry, Dr F Smith, Professor D Weller Risk factors for chronic ulceration in patients with varicose veins: case control study (CZH/4/143)
Miss J Brittenden, Dr G Hillis, Mr P Bachoo, Professor M Greaves, Dr I Ford

Platelet activation and troponin I release following major vascular surgery (CZB/4/135) (graded excellent)
Mr M Smith, Dr F van Wyke, Dr S Palmer, Dr B Durward, Professor P Langhorne (CSO Fellowship for Mr Smith)

A method for improving the assessment of pain in stroke patients using thermal sensory analysis: The influence of site and size of cerebrovascular lesion on perceptual processing (CZF/1/16)

Dr J Pell, Dr D Newby, Professor S Cobbe, Dr N Mills, Dr R Anderson Air pollution and risk of pre-hospital cardiopulmonary arrest (CZG/2/240)
Dr I Kane, Professor P Sandercock, Professor J Wardlaw, Dr W Whiteley

Practical, streamlined and optimal use of imaging in acute stroke (CZG/1/116)

Professor M Johnston, Dr M Ietswaart, Dr R MacWalter, Dr S Hamilton, Dr H Dijkerman Can motor imagery enhance recovery of hand function after stroke? An evaluation of motor imagery training (CHZ/4/153)
Professor J Belch, Dr S Greene, Professor A Anderson, Dr G Kennedy, Dr F Khan, Dr A Craigie, Dr A Greene, Dr M Roberts

Changing lifestyle in children - all change: can this reduce cardiovascular risk? (CZB/4/96)
Professor D Stott, Professor I Ford, Professor G Lowe, Professor N Sattar

Proinflammatory cytokines as biomarkers for risk of stroke (CZB/4/530)
Mr F Sutherland, Dr C Connelly, Mr R Thompson, Mr W Richardson

Design and evaluation of a device for rapid deployment of a prosthetic heart valve (CZG/1/155)