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Cardiovascular Disease and Stroke 2006

The final reports for the following projects have been accepted in 2006 in the area of cardiovascular disease or stroke research.

Dr N Campbell, Dr J Brittenden, Professor L Ritchie, Dr A Lee, Ms C McNiff
Peripheral arterial disease in patients with hypertension and prevention of cardiovascular events - a pilot study in general practice (CZG/2/136) (graded excellent)
Dr A Bridges To determine the long term outcome of patients referred to a chest pain clinic in a district general hospital (CZG/2/111)
Professor J Belch, Dr S Greene, Dr M McLaren, Dr F Khan Does quality care in young people with type 1 diabetes improve vascular risk (CZB/4/36)
Dr K Smith, Professor F Sullivan, Dr M Jones, Dr S Zetta Randomised controlled trial comparing a self-help cognitive behavioural programme, the angina plan, with standard care for angina patients admitted to hospital (CZH/4/99)
Dr R MacWalter, Ms J Morris, Dr S Ogston An investigation of bilateral simultaneous upper limb task training in acute stroke: a randomised controlled trial (CZH/4/80)
Dr J Oliver, Professor D Webb, Dr C Calderwood, Dr W Liston Investigation of the non-invasive assessment of endothelial function in pre-eclampsia (CZG/1/105)
Professor D Newby, Dr A Burdess, Dr I Marshall, Dr E Houslay, Professor M Dennis, Dr G Mead, Professor J Wardlaw, Dr G McKillop Novel magnetic resonance imaging techniques and modelling of complex carotid atherosclerosis: a feasibility and reproducibility pilot study (CZG/1/118)
Professor T MacDonald, Dr L Wei, Dr E Speirs, Dr N Reynolds, Professor T Fahey Is coeliac disease associated with cardiovascular disease? (CZG/2/211)
Professor M Lean, Dr M Granat An investigation of the predictive value of the measurement of upright free-living physical activity in determining the risk factors of heart disease (CZG/2/80)
Professor D Hole, Dr D Lawlor, Professor T Lever, Professor G Smith Enhancement of the MIDSPAN data sets to enable further research on variation in cardiovascular disease risk and mortality in Scotland (CZH/4/203) (graded excellent)
Professor M McMurdo, Professor A Struthers, Dr M Witham Double blind placebo controlled trial of the effect of the perindopril on functional capacity in older people (CZB/4/88)
Dr M Witham, Professor M McMurdo Tolerability and acceptability of an intensive seated exercise programme for older, frail heart failure patients (CZG/1/147)
Dr M Macleod, Dr S Bae, Dr M Lai, Professor J Bell, Professor J Seckl Defining changes in hippocampal and cortical expression of survival and death related genes in human post mortem tissue following cardiac arrest and stroke (CZG/1/157)
Dr R Tait, Dr I Walker, Dr M McColl, Professor G Lowe, Dr A McMahon, Dr G Roditi Prospective observational study to identify clinical and laboratory predictors of recurrent venous thrombo-embolic disease (CZB/4/24)
Professor D Webb, Dr C Spickett, Dr C Erridge, Dr T Attina Effects of a high saturated fat diet and smoking on a low level endototaxemia: investigation of a newly identified risk factor for atherosclerosis (CZG/1/121)(graded excellent)