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Cancer 2009

Final reports for the following projects have been accepted in 2009 in the area of cancer research.

Dr P Bryant, Dr D Adamson, Dr A Riches Topoisomerase IIx expression level as a determinant of chromosomal radiosensitivity of T-lymphocytes from sporadic breast cancer cases (CZB/4/510)
Dr C Gourley, Dr C Ward, Prof J Smyth Investigation of the wwox gene as a suppressor of ovarian tumorigenesis (CZB/4/298)
Dr E Tobias, Prof R McKie, Dr J Lang Identification of high-penetrace gene alterations that predispose to familial melanoma in Scottish patients (CZB/4/395)
Prof D Weller, Dr J Melia, Dr S Moss, Ms R Jepson, Dr C Campbell, Dr M Kendall A complex intervention to improve informed choice in PSA testing in Scottish Primary Care: Pilot study (CZH/4/345)
Dr H Jorgensen, Dr J Mountford Measurement and modulation of tyrosine kinase inhibitor drug levels in Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia (CZB/4/524)