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Cancer 2007

Final reports for the following projects have been accepted in 2007 in the area of cancer research.

Mr R Skipworth, Dr J Ross

Mitochondrial DNA damage is a biomarker of an at-risk environment in Barrett's oesophagus (CZG/1/151)
Professor R Steele, Professor Sir Alfred Cuschieri, Mr G Hanna, Mr P Wilson Use of human reliability analysis to evaluate operative techniques for rectal cancer (CZB/4/37)
Professor S Heys, Professor K Wahle, Dr G Bermano, Dr M Goua, Ms E Smyth, Professor I Broom Do variations in intrinsic basal and inducible anti-oxidant status predispose to breast cancer in individuals at increased risk? (CZG/1/148)
Mr M Hilmy, Dr J Bartlett, Mr M Underwood, Dr D McMillan The relationship between the local and systemic inflammatory responses and outcome in patients with bladder cancer
Professor R Barker, Dr W Pickford, Mr A Watson

Overcoming immune tolerance to tumour antigen in colorectal cancer patients (CZB/4/128)

Professor D Melton, Dr V Doherty, Dr N Anderson, Dr G Kavanagh, Professor H Campbell, Professor J Rees

The importance of cell cycle control and DNA repair gene polymorphisms in genetic predisposition to melanoma (CZB/4/248)

Dr S Farrington, Professor H Campbell, Professor M Dunlop, Dr R Barnetson Association of mutations in the human homlog of the muty gene with early onset colorectal cancer
(CZB/4/94)(graded excellent)