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Cancer 2006

The final reports for the following projects have been accepted in 2006 in the area of cancer research.

Dr K Smith, Professor P Hayes

The use of the glycosylation pattern of alpha-1-acid glycoprotein (AGP) to predict the onset of (and progression to) hepatocellular carcinoma from other liver diseases (CZG/1/110)

Professor K McColl, Dr S Paterson, Dr T Preston, Dr C Williams

Potential role of dietary nitrate in mutagenesis at the gastric cardia and within Barrett's osesophagus (CZB/4/64)

Dr S Graham, Dr D Millan

Testing a novel marker in prognosis of HPV-associated cervical lesions (CZG/1/100)

Mr K Park, Mr S Suttie, Dr M Sheehan, Dr A Welch, Dr M Nicolson, Dr D McAteer

The prediction of response to chemotherapy in patients with oesophageal cancer using positron emission tomography (CZG/1/134)

Professor I Ford, Professor S Cobbe, Professor C McArdle, Mrs H Murray Follow-up of WOSCOPS subjects: long-term benefits of treatment with pravastatin and relationships of baseline hsCRP and WCC with fatal and non-fatal cancers (CZG/2/199) (graded excellent)
Mrs L Stirling, Professor B Alder, Mr W Walker Can essential oils reduce anxiety in patients with lung lesions awaiting results of investigative surgery? (CZG/2/128)
Professor J Little, Dr A Mowat, Ms L Sharp, Professor R Steele, Professor N Haites, Dr J Wilson, Dr S Duthie, Professor R Wolf Investigation of genotypic and phenotypic markers of folate metabolism in colorectal neoplasia in the ENES FOB pilot and establishment of a specimen and data bank (CZB/4/6)
Dr L Stark, Professor M Dunlop Study of in vivo modulation of NF-kB signalling as the effector of the anti-tumour effect of NSAIDs (CZB/4/41)
Dr Rhona Hogg, Dr Shona Cameron, Mrs Liz Glover, Dr Allison Worth

A patient and carer focused study of a Nurse-Led Cancer Support Service in primary care (CZP/2/17)

Professor S Murray, Dr M Kendall, Ms J Inglis, Dr K Boyd, Ms S Fife, Dr R Grant, Dr C Campbell, Professor D Weller Working with patients and their carers to develop an effective approach to the delivery of cancer palliative care in primary care (CZP/3/5)
Professor R Steele, Professor C Fraser, Professor N Mowat, Dr J Wilson, Miss C Matthew The role of immunological faecal occult blood testing in the provision of an efficient and effective colorectal cancer population screening programme (CZH/4/154)
Professor H Campbell, Dr R Mitchell, Dr R Ferguson, Dr M Porteous, Professor A MacDonald, Professor M Dunlop The development of a computer model of cascade genetic screening in complex disease (CZH/4/145)