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Cancer 2004

The final reports for the following projects were accepted in 2004 in the area of cancer research.

Dr SA Murray, Dr M Kendall, Dr K Boyd, Dr U MacLeod, Professor AJ Tierney, Mr DJ Heaney Improving "out-of-hours" palliative care in the community: the views of patients and their informal and professional carers (CZH/4/28)
Professor W Melton, Professor H Campbell, Dr G Kavanagh, Dr V Doherty The importance of neucleotide excision repair gene polymorphisms in genetic predisposition to melanoma (CZB/4/29)

Mr AM Thompson, Dr TR Hupp, Dr NM Kernohan, Professor RJC Steele

An investigation of the role of H1C1 (hypermethylated in cancer gene) and p53 function in human breast cancer (CZB/4/2)
Professor D Wyper, Dr D J Paterson, Professor A Elliott, M V Papanastassiou Development of a SPECT tracer to image the distribution of replicating HSV1716 Herpes Simplex virus in the treatment of glioma and other cancers (CZB/4/43)
Dr Heather Cubie, Dr Kate Cushieri, Dr Euphemia McGoogan, Dr Michael Whitley Human papillomavirus (HPV) genotyping from liquid based cytology samples (CZB/4/33)
Dr D Bateman, Dr R Camidge The risk of attempted or completed suicide in patients diagnosed with cancer in Scotland (CZG/2/102)
Dr R Prescott, Dr D McKenna A review of the surgical management of cutaneous malignant melanoma (CZG/2/71)
Dr S Farrington, Professor M Dunlop Establishment of primary cell culture from colonic mucosa (CZG/4/1/44)
Dr A Welch, Dr S Waikar, Professor J Cassidy, Dr D Bissett The use of positron emission tomography (PET) in the development of new anti-cancer therapies (CZB/4/10)
Rory Mitchell (Student), Professor Harry Campbell (Main supervisor) Prevention of colorectal cancer in Scotland: strategies for those at increased genetic risk (CZS/1/13, PhD studentship)
Dr D Stott, Dr J Going The repertoire of infiltrating B-cells and identification of target antigens in breast cancer (CZB/4/16)
Dr I Morgan, Dr S Graham Targeted degradation of the essential HPV protein E2 (CZG/1/91)
Professor G Murray, Dr M Cruickshank, Dr W Melvin, Professor G Hawksworth The role of cytochrome p450 in drug resistance in ovarian cancer (CZB/4/40)
Professor M Brown, Mr D Soutar, Mr I Ganly, Professor R Rampling A feasibility study of preoperative intratumoural injection of the herpes simplex virus mutant, HSV1716, in patients with respectable oral squamous cell tumours (CZB/4/28)
Professor M Dunlop, Professor H Campbell, Dr M Porteous, Dr I Nicholl Genetic susceptibility to endometrial and colorectal cancer due to hMSH6 mutations, and contribution of hMSH2 & hMSH1 to endometrial cancer incidence (CZB/4/11)
Mr K Farrer, Miss J Hockley, Ms A Sandridge, Dr M Fallon An evaluation of a multidisciplinary hospital palliative care team (K/OPR/2/2/D325)